Argentina – Jamaica 5-0?????

In the famous song, Russian band “Chaif” sing: “What a pain, what a pain, Argentina – Jamaica 5-0”.

This song was written after Argentina destroyed Jamaican team on June 21, 1998 in the World Cup in France. Ariel “El Burrito” Ortega and Gabriel “Batigol” Batistuta scored 2 and 3 goals, respectively. And they meet each other again after almost 17 years within Copa America 2015.

Undoubtedly, teams meeting today are absolutely different than in 1998 World Cup. Let’s start with Jamaica. Winfried Schäfer has been building a very promising team after replacing Theodore Whitmore in July 2013. At the moment of Schäfer’s appointment, Jamaica had 4 games left in 2014 World Cup Qualification campaign. Jamaica lost only one out of those four matches, and the loss was against USA in Kansas City. Although they failed to qualify to the 2014 World Cup later on they won the Caribbean Cup and qualified for the Copa América Centenario. Overall, Winfried has been making substantial changes in the team. The big loss for Jamaica is Raheem Sterling, who chose to play for English national team.

As for Argentina, we have already discussed their pluses and minuses previously.

Football Alley wishes the best of luck to both teams and hopes for the great play.

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