A Big Yet Unimpressive Brazilian Victory…

by Luis Eduardo Flores

After a less-stellar performance against Ecuador that led to a draw, Brazil was able to regroup and get a huge 7-1 victory. That’s great and all, but there was something disturbing about their victory.

The “Little Carnies” humiliated the smaller team of the “Rouge and Blue”. Honestly, this win was not impressive. Had this been Argentina, Colombia, or Mexico, then our jaws would have dropped to the floor.

Brazil is very familiar with a 7-1 game, since they were on the receiving end against Germany, no more than two years ago.

See, against Germany, Brazil was a credible opponent. A close match was expected, instead we saw Brazil lose without putting up a fight. Against Haiti we knew that Brazil was going to win. A 3-0 win would have been more than enough. Well, for Brazil, it wasn’t enough. It seemed like they wanted to reinvent that 1-7 loss into a 7-1 victory.

There really aren’t many things that can be said about this match. Haiti deserves credit for putting up a valiant effort against the CONMEBOL Goliath and being able to score a consolation goal.

Up next for the “Green and Yellow” are the Peru. The “Incas” got a well deserved draw against Ecuador. Now they have to focus on Brazil. Peru should not be intimated by Brazil, if anything, Peru should be confident enough to beat Brazil. Peru did what Brazil failed to do; score on Ecuador.

The Brazilian players may or not be aware of it, but they just might have fed themselves with overconfidence. Brazil is great…but still beatable.

LEF 6.9.16

A message to Brazil; Haiti is the “Rouge and Blue”..not “Die Mannschaft”.

Photo: Via Twitter (@ca106)

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